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Track Name: We are All Stars
We are all stars.

We are all stars,
Like can’t walk around in the mall-stars, like
pass me the fuckin ball-stars, like,
Beverly, hold all my calls-stars. Like,
Like wipe your shit on hotel-room walls- stars, like
telethon takin a call-stars, like
I can’t decided so I’ll takem all-stars.

Just without the camera’s.
Track Name: Living Today
Today is the first time we are living this day.
So don’t act like it’s not.
This is the first time you’ve seen today
so don’t act like it isn’t.
You’ve never lived out tomorrow.
So don’t act like you have.
And neither will I.
Track Name: Defeating the Nays
Defeating the Nays.

This is me defeating the Nays. This is me in a clench with doubting.
This is a stalemated haze faded dedication to my past pouting.
A pick up game of grace up-ended by the pussy voice inside me.

This is my trust given to you while my gut says not to
This is my plea to sanity to quit and go home.
Leave me free to be nasty, be a fucked up garden gnome
guarding the lawn of creativity, guarding the house that will have me.

This is me being a self-centered prick.
Spending all my time focused on where to put my dick,
Pushing weight until my neck gets thick,

Been sick with a case of the fuck you’s forever,
Shit, who knows if I’ll ever get better.
Maybe someday I’ll sit with my devil,
but if I had to guess when, ill probably guess never.